Gourmet routes

Gooood farm

The first thing you notice at the farm is well-groomed goats. Here, cheese is produced manually, using only same-day natural milk. Another special thing about the place is the Cheese Museum with photos, cheese-making tools and a large collection of cheese knives.

Lemon Banana

At the outskirts of the industrial town of Sievierodonetsk, they grow bananas and other exotic plants: lemons, pineapples, and figs. The main purpose of the greenhouse is growing seedlings, not the fruit. That is why, after the tour you can take home a room-size lemon or banana plant.

Carpathian Buffalo

Carpathian cowboys — that is how the founders of the buffalo farm call themselves. Buffalo milk is healthy and easy to digest. Try and see for yourself! They offer for tasting local buffalo milk, paneer, home-made melted cheese, mozzarella, butter, sour cream and cottage cheese.


Inspired by the history of the place where, back in XIX century, there was Bredikhine wine chateaux, Molchanovs built a traditional style winery and set up a vineyard. Later, SilVino became one of the first wineries in Ukraine to receive a license for craft wine production.

Chubynske ostrich

The ostrich farm is located quite close to Kyiv, and is quite large. You will find more than ostriches here: the farm has a mini zoo with raccoons, donkeys, a roe deer, peacocks, goat, and thoroughbred horses. You can pet many of the animals and feed them with special foods.

Gourmet Routes. 100 Craft Locations of Ukraine

Craft-style and tasty — that is how you can briefly describe Ukrainian farms and small food and drink producers. “Gourmet Routes. 100 Craft Locations of Ukraine” is a gastro guide that will help tourists looking for ideas for gourmet journeys. The guide lists 100 local craft companies producing wine, cheese, honey, beer, meat, vegetables, fruits, snails, and oysters. At each of the locations, a traveller can get a tour and a tasting session, meet the farmers, and see how organic products are made. The gastro guide consists of five chapters: “South”, “Carpathian Mountains”, “West”, “East”, “Centre and North”.


Gastro map

The first ever gastro map of Ukrainian craft producers will help gourmet tourists to familiarize themselves with foods and drinks right where they are produced, and the producers — to find admirers for their products.


Let us create a gastronomic map of Ukraine together

Do you own a farm or a small production site with touristic potential, or have a favourite craft product?

Fill in the form to tell us about them. And we will add the craft producers to the gastronomic map of Ukraine.

The “Gourmet Routes” project was initiated by RDS, a Ukrainian road-building company that has been constructing roads throughout the country for 16 years already. As a socially responsible business, RDS aims to give every Ukrainian the opportunity to travel on good quality roads and visit the tastiest spots of our country.

    Yuri Shumakher
    RDS group co-founder

    The “Gourmet Routes” project was initiated by a Ukrainian group of road-building companies, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Independence of Ukraine. But if RDS builds roads, why have we decided to create a web site and a book on craft foods?

    By constructing and renovating motorways, we help developing construction-related companies: granite quarries, manufacturers of construction materials. And after a highway is built, other businesses grow along it — such as travel and gastronomic industries.

    Presently, RDS participates in the “Big Construction” project. For us, taking part in this project is important because it results in the biggest progress in road construction in the whole history of independent Ukraine.

    We are proving — not in word, but in deed — that Ukraine is a European state. While travelling around Europe, people always try to visit a Hungarian wine chateaux or a German craft brewery. Why not do the same in Ukraine? Especially since pandemic has significantly limited opportunities for travelling abroad. Yet, at the same time, it has spurred domestic tourism.

    It is time to take a ride by the new roads and discover craft Ukraine. The RDS group will work to let you enjoy the craft products as well as every kilometre of the way.

    Yevhen Konovalov
    RDS group co-founder

    Chernihiv wine. Kyiv sturgeons. Mykolaiv oysters. Sievierodonetsk bananas. And then there are dandelion jam, kachana porridge, veselyanyk honey gingerbreads, and emotional beer. It sounds like a joke, yet these are real things you can get to by Ukrainian roads.

    It is not always easy to learn about Ukrainian craft farms. Small manufacturers do not have the advertising funds to become known in the whole of Ukraine. That is why we have decided to help food connoisseurs to experience Ukrainian craft food right where it is made, and to help craft producers to find admirers of their products.

    Our gastronomic map shows craft farms from all around Ukraine. There are three selection criteria:
    – one should be able to get to the location by car;
    – the producer offers tasting sessions and guided tours;
    – gastro-tourists are welcome there.

    Every year, new craft farms emerge in Ukraine. And the existing ones open their doors to guests. That is why we have created a web site where new locations can be added.

    Have a delicious travel!